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MAKOPANEL on 3/16" Gatorfoam

MAKOPANEL on 3/16" Gatorfoam

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These canvas panels are rigid, warp resistant and ultralight, with today's top quality primed Belgian linen: Claessens.   Mounted with long time restorer's favorite BEVA 371- a fully reversible heat activated adhesive.

Need a square?  Panoramic format?  Custom sizes available, tailored to your project!  Email to receive a quote.   

Canvas Types:

Claessens 09: Pronounced weave, medium texture


Claessens 706: Fine Canvas, Portrait Linen


Claessens 12: Medium fine texture, pronounced grain

Claessens 13: Smoothly textured, fine canvas

Claessens 15: Medium fine texture, medium smooth texture 


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