About MAKO

MAKO is a company by artists, for artists.  We believe in only using the highest quality materials: conservator approved preparations, combined with recipes going back to the Renaissance.  Designed with working artists in mind, who expect that their paintings will last the test of time, at prices working artists can afford.  

Among the offerings are linen canvas panels that are warp resistant, rigid and ultralight.   Specially formulated and treated grounds, varnishes and mediums, and a variety of custom sizes tailored to your project.   Made by hand, just like your paintings.

Need a custom size?  A custom material mounted?  Get in touch with us via the contact page or simply drop an email to info@mako.supply for quoting your project


About the adhesive we use:

We use BEVA 371, the adhesive specifically formulated to meet the requirements of art conservation professionals, which since 1970 has become the most widely used restoration adhesive for canvas and paper. This material has been extensively tested and referenced in professional literature, and is considered the industry standard in conservation, mounting and relining.

About our substrates:

For years now, conservators have lauded ACM panel products.  This now common substrate is made up of two sheets of aluminum, sandwiching 100% recycled polyethylene core.   Non hygroscopic, this panel eliminates the inevitable cracking of wooden panels and stretched canvas over the years, as the fibers expand, contract, and sag. Today commonly used by restorers relining paintings, these panels were first developed for the sign and architectural industry- designed for outdoor fluctuations of temperature and humidity, these are built to last.

  • ACM panel with 1/8” (3mm) overall thickness
  • Two 0.15mm aluminum panel faces
  • 100% recycled polyethylene core
  • Pre-painted both sides

With canvas mounted to it, this represents the most 'archival' canvas solution on the market today.  This rigid panel will keep your painting surface intact over years.  

Gatorfoam is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneers. Made in the USA.  It consists of a lightweight, durable core of extruded polystyrene foam bonded on both sides to patented Luxcell® facings. These are wood-fiber veneers impregnated with a proprietary resin for integrity, durability and moisture resistance. Gatorfoam is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. Weatherproof, lightweight-yet-durable.

  • Dense polystyrene foam core has solid wood-fiber veneer for added strength.
  • Strongest foam board available.
  • Cut to size with a knife, saw or router.

Ultralight, sturdy and thin, these canvas panels are easy to travel with, store, and ship.  


 Any questions?  contact us via the contact form, or at info@mako.supply