MAKO Artists

We do everything with the professional artist in mind, so we created a team to field test our products before bringing them to market.  Below, a selection of artists working today with MAKO products, with links to their websites.  


T.M. Nicholas

"I really like the Mako panels. The quality is superb, and I don’t have to wrestle with warped stretcherbars with bad finger joints. They are lightweight, and easy to travel with."


Daniela Astone 

"Mako makes me feel like painting is easier. The perfect alternative to all the hand made panels that I can find in Italy, except with Mako, moving the brush up and down is sooo fluid"


Spencer Simmons

"I can’t imagine painting on anything else now that Mako is in existence."



Tina Orsolic Dalessio 

"I love working on Mako panels. They are a perfect blend of excellent Belgian linen that I usually use, very light weight support and a compact format. All this makes the materials aspect of plein air painting so much easier to handle, especially while traveling."  


Marc Dalessio 

"I love Mako products more than life itself."

Dina Brodsky

"The best artist panel I’ve ever tried."


Jesse Powell 

 "Superior panels with an amazing range of surfaces, from landscapes to portraits: MAKO has the best panels in the business."


Leo Mancini-Hresko 

"MAKO has created the perfect panels and materials.  In line with the needs of the working artist, yet made with the highest standards of conservation in mind.  Built to last, built to create beautiful surfaces."

Amy Florence 

"Finally, a panel with a great surface. They hold thick paint really well while allowing for more fluid effects too. Just the right absorbency. A joy to paint on."


"Lately I've been testing Mako Art Supply (a company "by artists, for artists") panels and my first reaction is: well done! I've tried out ACM (aluminum composite material) panels, with several different grounds: a Renaissance gesso ground sealed with rabbit skin glue on mounted linen, and both a titanium white oil ground and lead white oil ground applied directly to the panel, all of them a pleasure to work with. Other supplies include Claessens canvas mounted on ACM and Gatorfoam boards of various thicknesses."