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MAKOPANEL on 1/2" Gatorfoam

MAKOPANEL on 1/2" Gatorfoam

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A thicker, while still ultralight MAKOPANEL.  This Gatorfoam mounted canvas panel is suitable for panoramic shapes, and panels anywhere over roughly 16x20", and the most ideal solution for custom orders up to 48x60".  

As all our MAKO panels, these rigid mounted panels do not go slack in varied humidity, and are lightweight and easy to travel with.  Whether for large paintings, or if you would like a panel with greater depth for shadow box style frame presentation, this is the panel for you.  Request smaller sizes with our custom order contact form- in smaller formats, the presentation for shadow box frames is excellent.  


Need a square?  Panoramic format?  Custom sizes available, tailored to your project!  Email to receive a quote.  


Canvas Types:

Claessens 09: Pronounced weave, medium texture


Claessens 12: Medium fine texture, pronounced grain

Claessens 13: Smoothly textured, fine canvas

Claessens 15: Medium fine texture, medium smooth texture 

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